Cultural Trips Cancelled
Future trips will be planned when conditions in Haiti have stabilized.
Check the website for updates.
This is a synopsis of the proposed 2022 trip.


VIP is pleased to offer an unforgettable and rewarding humanitarian and cultural experience—An Adventure in Haiti! With a passport in hand you can travel 2,000 miles from Wisconsin, in just 5 1/2 hours flight time, and spend eight days on a life-changing adventure!

We know the global consciousness of people is becoming more and more attuned to the needs of developing countries. Ventures In People recognized that need in Haiti with its first trip in 1979. VIP is an independent, volunteer, non-profit 501c3 organization. VIP has grown from the original primary health care endeavors, to community building through outreach activities including an education sponsorship program, support for 4-H Clubs and a clean water project.

People of all ages, from all different walks of life are needed. You may want a vacation from your usual job, some winter sunshine or a chance to get involved in something new and exciting. Logistics including transportation, volunteer projects, sightseeing activities, and room and board are arranged by the Trip Leader.

Recently, Haitians have been badly hurt by turbulent times in their government and with natural disasters. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH YOUR PARTICIPATION!!

Cost: Included are all lodging, breakfast and dinner meals, admission fees, and transportation in Haiti pertaining to VIP planned activities. Costs do not include personal expenses. Itineraries are customized to accommodate each group. The 2022 eight day trip cost is $1,200 plus airfare.

Travel Plans: Transportation from Milwaukee or Chicago on a designated airline will be determined in late summer. Travel reservations will be made individually. Assistance from your Trip Leader can be provided, if needed.


Further information will be provided upon request by contacting Kathy Hetzel at 262-224-2557.

Everyone's safety is a matter of concern to VIP and our associates in Haiti. We monitor the feasibility of travel closely through informed personnel in Haiti and the US State Dept., Washington DC. Our trip is registered with the American Consulate in Port au Prince, Haiti stating our location in Haiti for communication at all times.


Comments from the 2019 trip participants...

--For me, this trip was life changing. It was one of the most enriching cultural experiences of my life. Haitians are hard-working, caring, beautiful people. Family and church are the center of their world. The country is deprived of so many of the luxuries we take for granted—clean water, continuous electricity, paved roads, and more--yet they are determined to prosper. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to take this trip and I look forward to my return!

--I was only in Haiti for nine days, but those are nine days I will never forget.

--The 2019 VIP Cultural Trip to Haiti far exceeded our expectations and even our imagination.

--The poverty is heartbreaking. Not a day goes by since I returned home, that I haven’t recalled images from our trip – faces with smiles, children who are hungry, pregnant mothers waiting at the hospital to deliver a healthy baby, families walking down to the river to wash clothes, bathe and drink, partaking of a dinner for our entire group lovingly prepared by our guide and his family. The VIP members I accompanied on this trip were examples of generosity and volunteerism at its best.

--Visiting 4-H club meetings in Haiti was inspiring! Just like here, 4-H members are empowered to use their heads, heart, hands and health for better living.

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2019 Adventures
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